3D printers & parts, raw materials, 3D printing service and repair service. You can count on us for all this!


As a technical drawing office, we are the ideal partner to convert your ideas and assignments into a complete file.


We offer various technologies for 3D measurement of objects, people buildings: laser scanning (LiDAR) photogrammetry.



Charlie Steurbaut, a young man with a passion for everything that has to do with technology and technology, is the founder and manager of Charlie’s 3D Technologies BVBA. With his experience in 3D printing, CAD drawing and 3D scanning, Charlie is the ideal man to assist you during your exploration of the world of 3D.

He not only relies on his own experience and craftsmanship, but also works closely with other professionals to always achieve the best result. This allows Charlie’s 3D Technologies BVBA to assist you with every challenge. This way we can work out your ideas and also convert them into a prototype and ultimately into a final product. We strive for a constructive and optimal relationship with all our customers.