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Flexible Tubing - 10 cm

You can use this tubing to connect the M5 threaded rod with the Nema17 stepper motor.


The inner diameter is 4 mm and the outer is 7 mm.

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PTFE Tape 12 m

PTFE tape can allow high temperatures (250 degrees should be no problem), which makes is useful for insulating the extruder or avoiding leakage.


Dimensions: 12 mm x 0.1 mm x 12 m

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Kapton tape 10 mm

Kapton tape (polyimide tape) is perfect to secure your sensors, heaters or to insulate the hotend.

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Transparent Spiral Wrap Tubing 4,33 mm x 1 m

This spiral wrap can be used to fixate your cables of your printer.



  • Diameter: 4.33 mm

  • Color: Transparent

  • Length: 1 m

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Kapton tape 200 mm

Kapton tape (polyimide tape) is an electrical insulating heat resistant tape. This tape is perfectly suited for covering the heatbed of your 3D printer. This tape will prevent warping when printing with ABS filament.

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Zip Tie Nylon 60 pcs


    Dimensions: 3 x 100 mm
    Material: Nylon
    Collor: Black

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