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BQ Ciclop - 3D Scanner Kit

The Ciclop 3D scanner is a 100% open source project which has been designed to be set up in just 30 minutes. The user can scan

objects in high resolution and colour using the Horus software which enables exceptional adjustment and calibration, and also

includes a real-time 3D viewer.


So in other words a DIY kit to build your own 3D scanner for a low price!


Dimensions and weight:

249,99 €incl. tax
206,60 €excl. tax

Sense 3D Scanner

Big or small, scan it all

The Sense 3D scanner has the most versatile scan range in its class with auto-optimized settings for objects large and small. 


For life on the go 

Hand-held mobility gives you the freedom to scan spontaneously, everywhere you go.


Zero in on what matters

399,00 €incl. tax
329,75 €excl. tax